Our authentication process is informed by over a decade of experience and formal education in the fashion industry. It is grounded in a deep knowledge of each house’s heritage, and a systematic approach to inspection, to ensure every item we sell is guaranteed authentic.


We inspect each item to ensure its details match identical or similar items from the same collection, including stitching, fabrics, patterns, hardware, authenticity stamps, serial numbers, and labels. We collaborate with designer goods experts with extensive knowledge of specific designers or collections for each item we sell.


Vintage Bonbon is not affiliated,
associated, or officially connected with any of the brands mentioned or sold on
our website.

All items are pre-owned: trademarks
and copyrights are reserved to the original brands.

The authentication process for the items we sell is based on our experience and AI technology. The brands listed on our website are not responsible or bound by our authenticity findings
and may not honour Vintage Bonbon authenticity certificates.